Dwyane Wade Withdraws From 2012 London Olympics Team For Knee Surgery

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Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat won his second title this summer but he will not have a chance to win his second gold medal.  The guard has officially withdrawn from the 2012 London Olympics team because he needs surgery on his knee.  If you watched him in the playoffs, this move is obvious.

Dwyane Wade certainly looked like a man with a bad knee for about half of the playoffs.  Some days he had good games, other days he was just bad.  He hopes that having knee surgery will be able to clean up some of the issues that he was having.

Wade made headlines early this year by saying that basketball players who joined the Olympic team should be paid.  This did not go over very well and Wade had to deal with a lot of backlash about his stance.  He eventually softened on his stance but it still angered a lot of people.

I expect that Dwyane Wade will be back to 100 percent before the start of next season.  He is going to have to be fine if the Heat want to win another title.  The Heat need him to be perfectly fine because they do not have the depth to win a title without a healthy Wade.

If you want to be a conspiracy guy, you could say that Wade withdrew from the team because he is not getting paid.  You would be wrong, but its something to think about.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.