German Striker Lukas Podolski Makes Atrocious Pop Video

Be prepared to cringe. You would weep, in fact, if it were not for you squeezing your eyes shut as tight as possible so as to see no more…

This is German forward Lukas Podolski. He is currently taking part in EURO 2012 and is expected to start tonight as the German take on Italy in the semi finals. He has recently signed for Arsenal FC, so is set to become a big name in the English Premier League.

However, none of this excuses him for trying to burst onto the German music scene. Taking part in this music video with pop outfit Brings, Podolski attempts to sing, shuffle about a bit and do a spot of keepy-uppys with a football. All whilst wearing a white T-shirt and a plaid tie, loosened for hard work.

This is truly awful stuff and the hammering chorus of ‘Hallelujah!’ will infest your head.

Sure, sports stars should be allowed to branch out. Many have investment portfolios, utilize image rights contracts to front campaigns and charities or even try their hand at politics on the odd occasion.

Podolski is a popular figure, too. He returned to his local club Koln after a stint with European power Bayern Munich. He is always the first to smile when Germany score and he is liked by coaches for his versatility.

Again: None of this excuses him. At all.

This better not catch. By all means have LeBron James sit in on a music video, but don’t hand him a mic. Don’t let Peyton Manning feature on a single. Do not allow Tiger Wood anywhere near a recording studio.

It might pay off, but that is very, very rare…

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