The BCS Screws Boise State One Last Time

By Tyler Brett

That rejoicing you hear around college football is because the BCS is finally dead. No more mysterious computers or complex equations picking just two teams to face off for college football’s highest prize because a new four-team playoff system has been approved starting in 2014, just in time for the BCS to stick it to the Boise State Broncos one last time. You know, for old time’s sake.

Boise State has built into one of the elite programs in the country over the last decade. In the last four seasons, the Broncos went 50-3, becoming the first FBS team to win 50 games in a four-year span in history. In the process, quarterback Kellen Moore became the winningest quarterback in history, passing former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy. Boise won at least a share of the Western Athletic Championship eight times from 2002 to 2010 and last season transitioned effortlessly to the Mountain West, finishing 12-1, 6-1 in conference, with their lone loss coming against TCU.

However, despite all of this success, and being one of the top teams in college football year in and year out, Boise State has gotten just two invites to the BCS. Last year, despite winning 11-games in the regular season, Boise State could do no better than the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl (no offense to the fine folks of Maaco or the city of Las Vegas) for the second straight season. In the last decade, the Broncos have won ten or more games in nine seasons, yet have only earned trips to the “big bowls” (2006 and 2009 Fiesta Bowl). The BCS system has always found a way and/or reason to exclude the boys of the blue turf, be it a single loss or poor strength of schedule.

Tired of trying to beat their way into the system as an outsider, Boise State finally found themselves a way into the party: joining an automatic qualifier. It just so happened that the Big East, long considered the weakest of the power conferences from a football standpoint, was experiencing a mass exodus of schools. West Virginia sued their way into the Big 12, Syracuse and Pitt have put in their notice on defecting to the ACC, and TCU accepted before rejecting the advances of the conference to stay closer to home in the Big 12. That sent the Big East into heavy recruiting mode, casting a country-wide net to try and bring in anyone to save the conference and their automatic status into the big payday of the BCS. Enter Boise State, forever on the outside of that party, always looking for an invitation in.

So with Boise State now poised to get into the Big East in 2013, finally getting a chance to earn an automatic bid, the BCS goes and gets killed off. In 2014, the current system will get replaced with a four-team playoff. In addition to the new format, the college presidents have gotten rid of the “automatic bids” just in time for Boise State to miss out. On top of all that, they’ve consolidated the “power conferences” down to just five…cutting out the lowly Big East and Boise State in the process. Now, the originators of Smurf Turf are left with nothing more than a whole lot of travel in their conference schedule. So it goes, just as Boise State finally finds a way into the BCS, the BCS finds one last way to stick it to the Broncos.

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