Friday Fun Poll: Which Tom Cruise Sports Movie Was the Best?

Tom Cruise is in the news this afternoon as it has been reported that his five-year marriage to actress Katie Holmes is drawing to an end.

The actor has a well-known love for sports, and over the course of his 30-year film carer has played several roles related to the sports worlds as an agent, a high school football star, a race car driver, pool shark and others.

In the Color of Money, Cruise played a blossoming pool shark learning the tricks of the trade from Paul Newman.  In Days of Thunder, he played a vocal, brash, and unapologetic hotshot NASCAR driver who learned how to drive the hard way. And, many of us know him best as the sports agent with a conscience, opposite Cuba Gooding Jr’s Rod Tidwell in Jerry Maguire.

Oh, and of course there was All the Right Moves, the classic about Pennsylvania high school football.

Which of Tom Cruise’s appearances in sports-related films was the best?

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