Miami Couple Arrested For Having Fake Media Credentials at Miami Heat NBA Finals Game 4

By David LaRose

A Miami couple really wanted the best seat’s in the house to watch the Miami Heat win game four of the 2012 NBA Finals but are now in big trouble for it.

Apparently James and Ruth Kauff created fake media credentials and tried to gain access to the court soon after the Heat won game four of the series to go up 3-1. Instead of celebrating their victory on the American Airlines floor they spent the night a Miami-Dade jail cell.

Talk about bizzarre.

Along with the fake media passes they actually had tickets to watch the game and that’s how they gained initial access inside the stadium. Here’s what officials are saying about the incident:

According to the arrest reports, arena security called Miami Police after stopping the couple at one of the many ticket checkpoints inside the arena during the June 19 game.

The report said the Kauffs each had a phony media pass that read “Media Miami Heat” and had their photos pasted on the cards.

During the arrest, police also found a clear plastic bag containing 13 pills, the report said. Ruth Kauff told the arresting officer the pills were oxycodone, according to the report.

These two sound like real winners.

Is it not enough to be there? I understand the allure of actually being able to come face-to-face with celebrities and professional athletes but it’s pretty stupid to go to jail for it. It’s scary to think what they were going to do if they did get into the back hallways of the arena. There are crazy fans out there and it’s a good thing security was able to stop them before doing something even dumber than what they had already done.

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