New York Knicks Fan Wears Airbrushed Skip Bayless Shirt To 2012 NBA Draft

By Riley Schmitt

Skip Bayless is a man that not many people respect.  Apparently at the 2012 NBA Draft,  a New York Knicks fan decided to show off his support for Mr. Bayless.

I will have to give this guy props.  Not many people would be brave enough to wear an airbrushed Skip Bayless shirt out in public, much less to the NBA Draft.  I wonder how much crap this guy got for wearing that shirt.  Not many people like Skip, so this guy probably was not that popular.

I did not know that Bayless actually had fans.  I am assuming this guy is a fan because he took the time to either buy or make a shirt like this.  You do not do that if you do not like the guy.  Maybe the constant trolling and Tebow love that Bayless spouts is what makes this guy appreciate the man.

Skip Bayless should bring this guy on First Take and have him debate.  He would be perfect for Skip because he probably would not challenge Bayless.  If you challenge Bayless and his weird thoughts, you end up winning the battle.  That is why he rarely brings in people that are smarter than him.

This could probably be the best moment of the draft if you ask me.  It might not be a heartfelt moment or a good story, but it is one of the funniest things I have seen.  Airbrushed Skip Bayless shirts are just way too funny.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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