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Dream Team Flashback: Clyde Drexler Foul Line Dunk

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Dream Team, I figured it would be a good idea to take a stroll down memory lane, and relive some great moments from the 1992 Olympics.

In this installment we take a look at a Clyde Drexler foul line dunk:

“Clyde the Glide” doing what he does best.

Now while this dunk is not a true free throw line dunk, it’s still pretty dang good. Clyde is a good ways past the official stripe when he takes off, but it’s still very impressive to pull off during a live game.

Furthermore, is anybody really going to question if Clyde could dunk from the free throw line? I think not…

Drexler did make his way into the headlines recently, when it was reported that he made negative comments about Magic Johnson.

“He couldn’t play much by that time. He couldn’t guard his shadow. But you have to understand what was going on then. Everybody kept waiting for Magic to die. Every time he’d run up the court everybody would feel sorry for the guy, and he’d get all that benefit of the doubt.”

Drexler denied ever making the comment:

“Magic and I have a friendship that goes back more than 28 years and I would never say such hurtful things. I have reached out to Magic to assure him that I did not say those things and to apologize to him and his family for even having to respond to something as baseless as this.”

The author of the book Dream Team, Jack McCallum (the one who quoted Drexler), made the following comment:

“Now, is there an element of truth to it? I can’t say for sure. What’s clear, though, is that it was extremely impolitic of Drexler to say it. And let me emphasize again that he wasn’t talking about the Dream Teamers, but more the league in general.”

McCallum says that Drexler made the comments out of frustration after being upset he wasn’t one of the first 10 players picked for the team…

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Stay tuned for more moments in Dream Team history as we get closer to the 2012 London Olympics.

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