Jeneba Tarmoh Withdraws From 100 Meter Run Off With Allyson Felix For 2012 London Olympics Spot

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The great run-off between Jeneba Tarmoh and Allyson Felix for the final spot on the women’s 100 meter dash team for the 2012 London Olympics is no more.  Tarmoh has decided to withdraw from the event, giving the spot to Felix.

“When I spoke to Jeneba (on Sunday), I got from her that she was uncomfortable with the the idea of a runoff and a coin toss and that she was no longer at peace with the idea,” Kimberly Holland, the agent, told ESPN’s Josina Anderson. “After she spoke with me, Jeneba told Allyson (Felix) how she felt. My understanding of how Jeneba left that conversation was that she wished her good luck and was conceding the 100-meter spot to Allyson.”

I am not sure why Jeneba Tarmoh is withdrawing from this run-off.  I thought the eventual goal was to be an Olympian.  Withdrawing from the event certainly takes away a shot at the team.  If you wanted this spot, why would you give up right now?  It just baffles me.

I guess as long as Jeneba Tarmoh is at peace with this decision, it is fine.  I just do not see how you can train for something and then back out at the last possible decision.  This will take away a great moment from the US track team, as the run-off was getting a lot of attention.  Maybe Tarmoh did not want that spotlight on her.  Hopefully she gives us a reason for why she is withdrawing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.