Kentucky Football Coach Joker Phillips Takes Advice From 50 Cent

Joker Phillips has not exactly set the world on fire as the Kentucky football coach.  Phillips is just 11-14 in two seasons in Lexington, but he has found a way to deal with the haters.  He just draws some inspiration from 50 Cent.

“I know this might sound crazy, but I was looking at Oprah – my wife had taped an Oprah show with 50 Cent,” Phillips told the newspaper. “I like to listen to those types of interviews.

“And 50 Cent said you either worry or pray, but you don’t do both. And I don’t worry. I don’t worry.”

Well, that is certainly one way to get advice.  I am not sure how well advice from 50 can carry over into the real world, but I guess Joker Phillips is going to make it work.  I mean, you have to try something when you coach Kentucky.  You are always overshadowed by the basketball program.

Maybe Kentucky can get 50 to come in to a game and give an inspirational speech to the team.  That might be the best advice that he could give.  He might not be able to use coach speak but I bet some of his lyrics would fire up a bunch of football players.

Joker Phillips may be starting a new trend with this.  Pick a random musician and use his lyrics and sayings for inspiration.  It is not exactly a new trend but it is one that has kind of died out recently.  Nice to see Joker is bringing it back.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.