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Video: Texas A&M welcomes themselves to SEC

Yesterday marked the Texas A&M Aggie’sfirst official day as members of the Southeast Conference.

To commemorate the event, several Aggie fans, including the university’s president Richard Loftin, created a video in an attempt to garner some goodwill from their new in-conference rivals.

Shortly after it was posted, the video went viral. Now, however, the person who orginally posted it has marked it as private.

Luckily for the rest of us, some Texas Longhorn fans have reposted the video, always eager to revel in their once-in-state rival’s embarrassment.

Watching the video, it seems that they Aggies are simply trying way too hard. The thought occurred to me that this could possibly be due to the fact that they really just don’t fit in anywhere.

The Aggies, simply got sick and tired of playing in the spotlight of the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners, and any given year, other Big 12 teams. They never called the shots in the Big 12. They were always the middle-of-the-pack. They figured there was no room for them in which to move up. The writing was on the wall. Their Big 12 fate had already been written in stone.

Therefore, the Aggies bolted for what they perceive to be greener pastures in the SEC.

Yet, once again, the Aggies will be on the outside looking in.

SEC rivalries have long been established, leaving the Aggies in desperate search of someone–anyone–to hate as much as they do the Longhorns.

Like the Big 12, there is an unwritten group of schools who unofficially run the conference, and the Aggies aren’t one of them. Yes, they pride themselves in tradition, but in reality, their football tradition pales in comparison to the top teams in the SEC.

Only time will tell if the SEC will be more welcoming of the Aggies than the Big 12 ever was. It’s clear, however, that they are now simply looking for a place to belong.

Sadly for Aggie fans, I just don’t think they will find what they are looking for in the long run.

UPDATE: Here is a parody of the original video, which I can only assume was created by some Texas fans. It’s safe to say there is no love lost between these two schools.