Dream Team Flashback: Scottie Pippen Fakes Guy Out of his Shoes

By Andrew Fisher

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Dream Team, I figured it would be a good idea to take a stroll down memory lane, and relive some great moments from the 1992 Olympics.

In this installment we take a look at Scottie Pippen making a fool out of some poor gentleman:


Just another day at the office for Pippen.

My favorite part of this flashback is the reaction from the Dream Team’s bench. Towels are flying all over the place, everyone is hooting and hollering, they’re way more excited than Pippen.

It’s certainly not surprising to see Pippen display very little emotion after a big play. Scottie was the kind of guy that let his play speak for him. Back in the day, it’s tough to argue there was a more fun player to watch coast to coast. Scottie was one of the best at taking it all the way to rack, and he always made it look so easy…

Pippen most recently made it into the news when Karl Malone said he would rather start a team with Pippen over his former teammate Michael Jordan.

Now I love Scottie Pippen, and think he’s deserving of his place among the 50 greatest players of all-time, but only three words can describe Malone’s statement: Mailman lost mind.

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Stay tuned for more moments in Dream Team history as we get closer to the 2012 London Olympics.

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