Nationals Star Bryce Harper Plans to Get His EMT This Offseason to Become a Firefighter

By David LaRose

With a very bright baseball future ahead for Washington Nationals rookie star Bryce Harper, having another profession to fall back on does not seem like a top priority.

Harper seems to have the opposite mindset and he plans to do something about that this offseason.

Once the season is over, Harper plans on getting his EMT certification in order to become a firefighter.

Baseball star, firefighter, how much more American can one person get? I have to admit, it’s a pretty mature thing for him to realize that he can’t play baseball forever and needs something to fall back on. Since he didn’t go to college, firefighting seems to be a somewhat logical profession for the rookie to pursue.

Harper told his plans to some Nats fan in an online chat the other day saying that there should always be a backup plan in case plan A does not work out.

“I’d probably be a firefighter. Ever since I was growing up, I wanted to be a firefighter or a baseball player. Going into the offseason, I’m going to get my EMT and do the firefighting thing so I have something to fall back on.”

For Harper, I don’t think that plan A will be a failure seeing that he is hitting .283, with eight homers, 25 RBI, 14 doubles, four triples and eight steals in 60 games this season. He almost made the MLB All-Star game this year as a rookie and will most likely be in the mid-summer classic year in and year out for the majority of his career.

It may be awhile until the Nationals’ season is over as they have one of the best records in baseball nearing the mid-way point and they foresee themselves making the playoffs and doing some damage while they are there. Harper has been a big part of that success in Washington and hopes to finish the turnaround of the franchise and lead them to their first playoff appearance since starting up in D.C.

Baseball teams don’t mind catching on fire from time to time but now the Nats know if something ever does actually catch on fire, someone in the clubhouse is willing to put it out.

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