John Kruk Demolishes Ribs In Slow Motion At The 2012 Home Run Derby

By Riley Schmitt

John Kruk is a regular on the ESPN coverage of baseball and the 2012 Home Run Derby is no different. The festivities are in Kansas City, which is known for its great barbecue.  That means someone decided it was a great idea for Kruk to try some.  If you get a video of him eating in slow motion, it’s even better.

Seriously, this is probably the best moment to come out of the Derby.  This thing is just like the Dunk Contest.  It gets worse and worse every single year.  The announcers are awful and Chris Berman makes people want to drive nails into their skulls.  He has said the exact same stuff for over 20 years, yet he thinks it is still relevant.

This is how we can keep the thing funny.  Just let John Kruk sample the main food from the city that the derby is in.  If we can get it on video, put in slow motion with an awesome sound track, we have ourselves a winner.  That would certainly help people tune into the event.

Is this idea perfect?  Probably not but I do not see a lot of people coming up with ways to draw interest to the event.  At least Kruk eating a lot would get someone laughs.  This video of him is not going to get old for quite some time.

Hopefully we can spice this thing up for the future.  Tweaks are never a bad thing, unless you are deciding home field advantage in the World Series.

(For those who want to watch Kruk eat in normal time, we have that video as well.)

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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