New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Appears In Weird Audition Tape

Robert Kraft is best known for being the owner of the New England Patriots.  It also seems that he might be a tad bit odd.  Apparently Kraft is good “friends” with part time actress Ricki Lander, so he appeared in her audition tape.  This is where things get weird.

Lander is reading for the role of Mary Elena for the movie “The Internship.”  A little bit into this read, Robert Kraft appears on screen and starts to play act with Lander.  This goes on for a little bit until the exciting conclusion when Kraft just absolutely KOs some other actor.  By KO, I mean he lightly grazed him while the guy acted like Tyson hit him.

So first thoughts on this.  What in the heck is going on?  This is certainly one of the strangest things that I have seen in a long time.  You normally do not expect this out of team owners unless it is someone like Jim Irsay.  Now that is a guy who would appear in a wacky movie audition tape and you would not bat an eyelash.  Kraft strikes me as a guy who would not be in this sort of odd happening.

Maybe Robert Kraft thinks this is his big break and that he can become the next action hero.  I mean, did you see that punch?  Totally believable!  Maybe he is just giving his friend some help in her audition tape.  I use friend loosely because this whole thing just confuses me to death.

So if you watch any audition tapes over the next couple of days, please make it this one.  I guarantee there is nothing else like this floating around.  If there happens to be something similar, we have an issue on our hands.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.