Matt Millen Stumbles While Trying To Defend Penn State On SportsCenter

By Riley Schmitt

Matt Millen is a Penn State grad and a man who still looks up to/respects Joe Paterno.  The Freeh Report was certainly something that he did not want to hear about his former school.  Millen seems to be the go to guy for ESPN about the whole situation so they put him on TV.  Not exactly a wise move.

People are rightly hammering Matt Millen, but I can see why he still says some stuff like this.  ESPN literally threw him out there to the wolves.  You have a guy that is so close to Paterno and you want him to suddenly say how he feels about the guy after the report?  That is just a stupid move on whoever decided to put him out there.

That being said, this next video is kind of a big deal for Millen.  Picked a bad time to use this choice of words.

See, PSU was not a clean program.  Clean programs do not have a giant campus wide conspiracy to protect a child predator.  That is basically the definition of a dirty program.  Comparing the school to Stanford is simply a grab at straws.   Nothing good is ever going to come out of trying to spin this story in a different direction.

This situation is only going to get worse for Penn State down the road.  Everything seems to hurt the program right now.  People that need to shut up keep talking.  The NCAA is up next and PSU is right in the crosshairs.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

Hat tip to Busted Coverage.

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