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Nike Takes The Name Of Joe Paterno Off of Child Care Facility On Nike Campus

The Freeh Report came out on Thursday and it basically made everyone involved in the Jerry Sandusky scandal look completely awful and with good reason.  Joe Paterno, the deceased and now disgraced former football coach, was one of the people who was hit the hardest by the report.  Now companies are not wasting any time in distancing themselves from him.  Nike is taking his name off their child care building on their campus.

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This is a big move in a lot of ways.  Does anyone else remember for Nike founder Phil Knight spoke at Paterno’s memorial service and said that Joe Paterno had nothing to do with this?  Yeah, you might want to back away from those statements Phil.  It was clear what was happening at PSU and it is now finally being revealed.

In fact, I found the video of this.  Enjoy!

Knight Rips Trustees At Paterno Memorial: MyFoxPHILLY.com

The report clearly said that Joe Paterno could have stopped all of this if he wanted to.  He chose to protect the football program over the lives of young children.  That is possibly the worst thing that he could have done.  He chose his legacy over the lives of people who could not defend themselves.

I applaud this move by Nike and I expect more companies that have some sort of association with Paterno to do the same thing.  Why would you want to be associated with a guy who protected a child predator?  The bricks are finally starting to fall from the Paterno wall.  It may not be fair to attack the legacy of a man who can’t defend himself, but this is all warranted.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.