TVs At Penn State Student Center Choose To Not Air Freeh Report

By Riley Schmitt

The Freeh Report was finally released on Thursday and it looked to paint Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, and Joe Paterno all in a bad light.  PSUers wanted to watch the report at the student center, but the TVs suddenly switched to public access right before the report was to be aired.

Most were hoping that the report, part of a seven-month probe by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, would exonerate legendary football coach Joe Paterno.

But, just as an anchor was ready to speak about the report, the television screens suddenly went blank. They then turned to a public access channel featuring a reporter from The Morning Call newspaper in Allentown about the state budget.

The first time I tried to write this, my Internet weirdly shut off.  I took that as a sign, but I am going to try this again.  This shows that Penn State is too protective of its already destroyed image.  Let the people listen to the Freeh Report.  They want to hear it and they want to know what exactly happened.  Turning the campus TVs to a different channel is just a childish maneuver.

This process is only just beginning.  Next up for Penn State will be the NCAA investigation and that is certainly going to be interesting. A lot of people are clamoring to give Penn State football the death penalty and I really can’t disagree with them.  The culture of the team and the false idol Paterno cared about reputation over the safety of children.  Ugly.

Update:  Apparently the TVs did air the Freeh Report and the TV in question did show the press conference.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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