Jason Kidd Reportedly Carried From Nightclub

By now everybody has heard the news of Jason Kidd being arrested on suspicion of DWI. Arguably the best part of a celebrity arrest though, is the mugshot, however Kidd’s turned out to be an old one, and a hoax. So the next best thing is the rumor that Kidd had to be carried from the nightclub he was drinking at.

TMZ is reporting that Kidd had to be carried out of the club he was drinking at, before the crash. Implying of course that he was very intoxicated…

Here’s some of the details from the report:

“Kidd’s 2010 Cadillac Escalade struck a telephone pole and went into the woods near the intersection of Cobb Road and Little Cobb Road in Water Mill. Kidd’s house in the Hamptons was nearby. Kidd was the lone passenger in the accident, which reportedly took place around 2 a.m.”

“Kidd was transported to the Southampton Hospital for treatment of minor injuries before dealing with the police.”

Kidd also has been in the headlines recently for joining the New York Knicks. Some were surprised that he left the Dallas Mavericks, but I wasn’t one of them.

I think Kidd will definitely help the Knicks. His veteran presence is just what the team needs. I don’t care if he’s not the same Jason Kidd, I’m not expecting him to be. He’s 39 years old for crying out loud.

I look forward to the last chapter in his career, and it will be interesting to watch the effect he has on his new team.

Are Kidd and Raymond Felton enough at point guard for the Knicks? That’s a story for another article…

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