Paternoville Changes Its Name To Nittanyville After Freeh Report

Paternoville was known for letting Penn State students camp there before big football games.  The students would then hope to get great seats for the game.  After the release of the Freeh Report and its damning testimony of Joe Paterno, the students in charge have changed the name to Nittanyville.  This comes from a press release on the subject.

The officially-recognized student group that manages the encampment of Penn State students outside Beaver Stadium for home football games has changed its name to “Nittanyville.”

As such, the group — one of more than 900 student organizations under the Office of Student Affairs — will be known as the “Nittanyville Coordination Committee.”

“This is a decision undertaken by and made solely by the Penn State student officers,” said president Troy Weller, a Penn State senior. “Our four major officers, plus our six organizational officers, met via conference call and after careful deliberation decided, by a vote, that moving forward the group will be named Nittanyville.”

If you want to guess how this going, you have to divide the world to Penn State people and non-PSUers.  The group with no connections applaud the students in charge for making such a smart decisions.  The people with their head buried six feet in the sand are crying foul for such a move.

Here’s the thing PSUers.  Facts are facts and evidence is right there.  You can say what Paterno did to help everyone, but he failed when people needed him most.  This name change things should be one of the few things that you are worrying about.  Get over it.

If it comes to light that Paterno was innocent and this is all a smear campaign, I will gladly eat my words.  For now, I side with the brave students who made the switch to Nittanyville.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.