Angelo Sharpless Pulls Off Dunk Of The Summer At Ben Wallace Pro-Am

By Riley Schmitt

Angelo Sharpless plays for Division II Elizabeth State City University but he is going to become a much bigger name after throwing down the dunk of the summer.  Sharpless was at the Ben Wallace Pro-Am and decided to bounce the ball over a defender’s head and then throw down the dunk while the guy looked on in amazement.

I can’t say I have ever see anything like that before in my life.  I have seen cool alley-oops in my life, but never one like this where the guy bounces it to himself.  This was not even part of a dunk contest, it actually happened during a game.  That is what makes this dunk incredible.

I’m pretty surprised that Ben Wallace has a pro-am.  You can file that under news that I did not know.  If moves like this keep happening during this game, I think we need to get this televised or something.  The crowd certainly loved this dunk.

Only one thing could have made this dunk better.  The person recording it decided for the vertical shot instead of the horizontal one.  I don’t know about you, but that makes my head hurt.  Watching that play being tracked like that is pretty hard on the old eyes.

Angelo Sharpless will hopefully get some attention this coming season.  He’s entering his junior season and I bet people are going to be watching him to see if he can pull off more moves like this.  If so, I think we have a future dunk contest participant in our midst.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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