Denver Area Billboard Has A Message For Broncos' Star Elvis Dumervil

By David LaRose

The Denver Broncos have had a very busy off-season for good and bad reasons.

The signing of All-Pro quarterback Peyton Manning was the biggest news to come out of Dove Valley but another Broncos star is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Elvis Dumervil was arrested in Miami after he was involved in a road rage incident in which police say Dumervil threatened the other driver involved and showed him that he had a gun.

Well, Denver fans took the streets of Denver to share their opinion and they did it with a backhand compliment. The message on the billboard above states:

DUMERVIL: Stick with the Guns that made you a Star!

It’s a clever statement for a not-so-funny incident and it’s just one of many off-field issues that NFL players are having these days. Look around the league this offseason and there are plenty of players getting into trouble, most recently Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant.

I would have to agree with the Denver fans because so many athletes these days get into trouble for dumb reasons like this. These incidents can usually be avoided but often escalate further than they should go. Road rage, DUI’s, domestic disputes and other offenses are easily avoided but players often find themselves involved in them regardless

UPDATE: Two sources close to Dumervil said, on Monday, that he was not carrying a gun. The police report stated that the officers found a gun in the glove compartment of the vehicle that he was driving but the sources said that the car and gun were not Dumervil’s.

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