Public Outcry Over Joe Paterno Statue Reaches New "Heights"

By Jeff Everette

Although it was decided last week that the statue of Joe Paterno would stay in place for the time being, a message was delivered to the Penn State leadership today in a way that has gotten everyone’s attention.

A plane has been reported to be flying over State College, trailing a sign behind it that reads, “Take Down The Statue Or We Will”.

It is a sentiment that has been shared by countless members of the community, media, and sporting world.  Even Paterno’s friend and colleague, Bobby Bowden has called for the statue’s removal.

Despite spending several decades as Happy Valley’s most beloved figure, the people now want all things Paterno to be eradicated, including the statue of him outside of Beaver Stadium.  The feelings of betrayal and disgust have effectively destroyed what Petrno spent his life trying to build.

The sad part is that it did not have to be like this.  Paterno only had to do what was right, and support the prosecution of a sexual deviant.  Instead, JoePa decided to protect a monster, allowing the molestation to go on right under his nose.

The flying protest/promise, is just the latest in the erosion of all that Joe built.  His name has  been removed from several buildings, charities, and organizations. A mural, depicting Paterno and several  Penn State leaders, was altered by the artist, who felt that Paterno no longer deserved the halo that he had painted on the old coach after his death.  The next step will be to paint over the entire mural, something our pilots are sure to have on their to do list.

For now though, the message being delivered is unmistakable.  Paterno enabled a sexual deviant at the expense of those that trusted him, and now his legacy must pay the price.

Take the statue down, before it gets any worse.

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