The Sports World will Respect, Reflect, and Remain Following the Aurora Colorado Shootings

A nation has been in mourning ever since the early minutes of July 20th, 2012. Early into the midnight screening of a summer action blockbuster, real shots rang out in a darkened movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. A lone gunman took innocent lives, disrupting peace, and changing the landscape of our people’s everyday ideas of safety. This occurrence, both shocking and tragic, is sadly not unfamiliar to our country. The United States has suffered through similar tragedies during this generation, and has chosen to band together at each other’s side, in attempts to move on and move forward.

When something so dreadful occurs, it shakes us to our very foundations, making a person question more than just motives. We find ourselves questioning society as a whole, and the possibilities of the danger that looms out in the world, even in places of recreation. After the dreadful events that occurred on September 11th, 2001, many Americans were concerned for their safety anywhere and everywhere. For a time, people didn’t know what to do or how to feel, and it was difficult to try and return to our daily lives. After a period of reflection, the sports world from the NFL and MLB to even the WWE returned to their fields of play, respecting the victims, and attempting to bring a sense of normalcy back to the American people.

This sense of never forgetting while still trying to move forward is necessary. We, as a race, have to let our strength and love shine brighter to overcome the hate that permeates our world at times. We must go on about our normal lives, always remembering, but never relenting to try and make things better, in hopes to avoid heartache such as this in the future. By returning to those movie theaters and sporting events, we as a people show that our resolve will not be dismantled by random acts of violence from pathetic cowards who prey on the innocent. We will not be bullied into giving up on the things we love. The good in people will always outweigh the evil, as long as we choose to make it so.

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