Amar'e Stoudemire Pays Huge Money to Workout with Hakeem Olajuwon

By Andrew Fisher

In what seems to be a recurring theme for NBA superstars, New York Knicks center Amar’e Stoudemire will workout with Hakeem Olajuwon this off-season. Olajuwon also known as “The Dream,” will be helping Stoudemire with his post game, and specifically on playing with his back to the basket.

Other famous players to receive tutelage from Hakeem include: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, and Lebron James.

So what does one on one training with the hall of famer cost?

How about $100,000 big ones.

That’s right, $100,000 to workout with The Dream. To this I say, good for both guys involved. For Olajuwon, he knows his services are about the best around, and he’s charging his clients as such. Why not?

As for Stoudemire, he needs to improve his post game, desperatley.

He’s coming off arguably his worst season as a pro, averaging 17.5 ppg, and 7.8 rpg. Amar’e was not himself in 2011, and believe it or not, 2012 will be his 11th season as a pro.

The time is now for Stoudemire. With his body aging, and athletic ability decreasing, he must become effective in new ways to prolong his career as a top tier NBA player.

Lucky for him, Hakeem Olajuwon is the man for the job.

I’ve never seen a big man quite like the The Dream. He could do it all. Crazy spin moves with his back to the basket, great jumper, blocked shots, rebounds, Olajuwon was a beast.

He will make Stoudemire better, there’s no doubt about it. Amare’s too talented, and the Dream is too good, for there to be no positive results.

I personally think Stoudemire will bounce back  this season, and step up his game. Just the fact that he’s paying one hundred large for these workouts, shows me that he’s serious about getting better.

Many question Amar’e Stoudemire’s heart, 2012 will go along way to show us if those questions are legitamate.

Here’s a taste of what the Dream brings to the table:

How do you stop a guy like that? You don’t.

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