Louisville Academic Support Center to Partner with Maker's Mark

By Kris Hughes

In a world of college athletics when every program worth its salt is branding everything in site, we shouldn’t be all that surprised to see that sponsorships of academic centers within these departments are coming next.

The University of Louisville has taken this to a, well, strange level, however, in partnering with Maker’s Mark, one of the giants in Kentucky bourbon.

Here’s a Tweet from Eleven Warriors, an Ohio State football blog that loves to pan on the South whenever the chance presents itself:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/11W/status/227768078434443264″]

The Loretto, Kentucky bourbon giant also commemorated a special bottle with the picture of Louisville head coach Charlie Strong emblazoned across the front. The proceeds from sales of this bottle will go directly towards the academic center construction project.

Welp, ok then.

Is it just me, or should Louisville maybe think twice about getting in the sponsorship bed with a major liquor manufacturer given that a majority of its student-athletes are under the age of 21?

What, do they plan on handing out free shots prior to the next study hall or advising session?

Ok, maybe that was a little much, but you get my point.

It is the South after all.

I guess.

Like the guys from Eleven Warriors say it’s either “awesome or everything wrong with America.”

I guess it’s all about perspective– perspective which shifts from day to day as the almighty dollar gains even more power in the world of college athletics.

Tip one back Louisville fans, you might as well.


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