Dominique Lacy Throws Down Huge Poster Dunk On Tracey McFadden At SC Pro-Am

By Riley Schmitt

Not a lot of people know who Dominique Lacy is but that might change after this vicious poster dunk in the SC ProAm.  Poor Tracey McFadden was trying to guard him but Lacy just went up and over him.

Lacy used to play at UNC Wilmington, so he has some good experience.  Something tells me that he was not throwing down dunks like this in those days though.  This is one vicious dunk and McFadden is just not in a place to do anything to stop it.  I applaud the effort but sometimes it is best to just get out of the way.

There have been some great dunks this summer at both the professional and college level.  This might not be the best dunk so far but it should go into the top five of everyone who loves basketball.  Dominique Lacy basically went completely over McFadden.  He didn’t go through him, he went over him.  That has to be worth some bonus points from the dunk judges.

McFadden is never going to be able to live that dunk down.  He was trying to get the charge call but that is just not a smart move in that scenario.  Plus, who draws charges in pro-am leagues?  That is almost asking to get dunked on by everyone on the planet.

Lacy might never get a ton of national attention but he should get props for this amazing dunks.  In the world of poster dunks, this is one of the best.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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