Team USA Swimming Is The Latest Group To Do A "Call Me Maybe" Video

By Riley Schmitt

Team USA swimming wants you to know that they also enjoy “Call Me Maybe.”  The song that just won’t die keeps popping up in videos dealing with sports figures so the swim team decided they wanted in on the fun.  The video comes out just in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Team USA swimming will certainly not be the last group to cover this song.  The amount of sports teams and groups that have covered this song is just unreal.  It is the pop song that just will not die.  As many times as people think the craze is over, it just pops up again.

At least this should help get people in the mood for swimming at the Olympics.  It was probably a fun little break for the swimmers to have instead of training or sitting in their rooms without air conditioning.  Sometimes you have to do the weird things to break the monotony of it all.

It is certainly not the best cover out there but there have been worse.  The lip syncing remains the same in almost every video but this might be the first one with Olympians, which makes it kind of special.  No word on whether or not more teams will consider doing this but I would not put it past the track team to cook one up before it is all said and done.

A sleeper pick might be the basketball team.  That could be the cover that ends it all as the site of basketball players lip syncing this song might blow up the Internet.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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