Hope Solo Goes After Brandi Chastain On Twitter After US Victory

Hope Solo is probably not going to be sending Brandi Chastain a Christmas card any time soon.  After the USA soccer team won another game, Solo took to Twitter to go after Chastain and her commentary about the team at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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See, I did not hear the commentary about it but I guess Hope Solo does not respect the opinion of Chastain.  It seems to be a generational difference.  Soccer has changed since Chastain once played and apparently she thinks it should still be played the same way.  Hope Solo does not appreciate that sentiment and she was not afraid to let people know it.

The US team should win gold, but outside distractions can never help.  This might end up being a negative for the entire team if Solo keeps sniping at Chastain instead of focusing on playing.  She needs to block out all of the other things and just focus on playing the game.  If Brandi wants to talk trash, let her talk trash.  Just focus on being the best goalie that you can be.

We shall see if the war of words continues.  If anything, this will certainly get people talking about women’s soccer.  It can never hurt to get more publicity, even if it is some bad stuff.  It will certainly convince people to watch to see if Solo and company can prove Brandi wrong.  Then again, Brandi might be right and it would be even funnier.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.