Ryan Lochte Beats Michael Phelps In 400 Individual Medley At 2012 Summer Olympics

The duel between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte at the 2012 Summer Olympics is going to be an extremely fun thing to watch.  The first race in the battle was the 400 Individual Medley, the race that Phelps barely qualified in.  Phelps did not put up a fight, as he finished fourth, so the first round of their duel went to Lochte, who swam like a man possessed during the entire thing.

Watching Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte go head to head during the Olympics is one of the main reasons that swimming is going to attract a lot of viewers.  The two are amazing swimmers and it looks like they might be the best two in the world.  The fight for gold medals is going to be a great experience for every one to watch.

In fact, this might just be the best storyline of the entire Olympics.  Nothing will get as much coverage as the swimming duels between these two.  The other sports will get their moment in the sun but everything stops when these two square up in the pool.  There are not a lot of times when you say swimming is king, but this edition of the Olympics has that distinction.

Although Lochte took round one, I expect Phelps to bounce back and win some medals.  For whatever reason, the 400 IM was just not his thing this year.  He won’t be down for long and it might just drive him to swim better.  If not, it looks like there is a new king of American swimming.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.