Best Commercials of the 2012 Olympic Games

By Marian Hinton

I love everything about the Olympics. I love hearing the diverse stories of athletes from all over the world. I love how pride in one’s country seems to increase ten-fold in nations across the globe as they cheer on the athletes who represent them. I love watching the faces of the athletes as they work so hard to reach their life-long dreams. I love the way that people from all over the world join together for one purpose.

And I must admit, I love the commercials. In my opinion, many of the television ads broadcast during the Olympic Games are superior to the famed Super Bowl ads we see each winter.

To me, there are no other commercials that inspire regular, every-day people to reach their potential as much as Olympic ads.

Here are some of the best and most inspiring television ads of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Be prepared, because I am about to get very sappy and sentimental.

I must preface the first couple by declaring that I am a proud mom, so I must admit that these ads leave me a bit misty-eyed. I understand the blood, sweat, joy, and tears that come from raising a child. The “Thank You, Mom” ads seem to encompass what it means to be a mother (or even a father or grandparent for that matter) even if you aren’t raising the next great Olympian.

The next ad, a Nike commercial, is an incredible ad reminding us that there is greatness in every single one of us, we simply have to find it.

This next commercial, from Kelloggs, reminds us that it isn’t just the destination that matters, but it’s the journey along the way. Every achievement has to begin with a dream.

Lastly, Visa’s “Go World” campaign symbolizes the very meaning behind the Olympic Games. It shows people from all over the globe, different religions, different beliefs, different cultures and ideals, all coming together to cheer for their countries and the countries around the world.

Sure, the Olympics are about sports and cheering on athletes as they try and achieve their Olympic dreams, but to me, there is more to it than just that. Inspiring every day people to find the courage to realize their own dreams, to find their own greatness is exactly, in my mind, what the Olympic Games are all about.



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