Belinda Snell Hits Three Quarter Court Shot To Force Overtime Against France At 2012 Summer Olympics

Belinda Snell might be the breakout basketball star of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The guard from Australia nailed a three quarter court shot to force overtime against France early on Monday.  Not only did she nail the shot, she made it while being double teamed.

Although France eventually won the game 74-70 in overtime, Belinda Snell and her shot should be on highlight shows for a long time.  She just heaved the ball and good things happened.  That is the kind of moment that makes the Olympics special for a lot of people.  Even in defeat, the team had a great moment to remember.

I bet that Snell wishes that they would have won the game but that does not make this shot any less special.  Even in defeat, that is a moment that she can share with her family until the end of time.  There are not many people who have made shots like that in the Olympics.  That is the ultimate pressure cooker but Snell responded to every last bit of it.

Maybe Australia can use this as motivation and sneak into the medal round.  That would be the perfect story, especially if Snell is able to make more shots like this.  They are rare, but she looked she knew what she was doing with that shot.

This is what makes the Olympics fun.  There are people that you have never heard of making plays that look almost impossible.  Hopefully Snell can build on this.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.