Kobe Bryant Autographs Opponent Shoe After Team USA Beats Tunisia In 2012 Summer Olympics

Kobe Bryant is getting up there in age but teams still respect the game of the future Hall of Famer.  After Team USA took out Tunisia in the 2012 Summer Olympics, one of the Tunisian players pulled out a pen and had Kobe autograph his shoe after the game.  Weird, yet effective.

Look at it this way.  Those guys will never get to play against players like this again.  They had one chance to get an autograph from a star and Kobe Bryant was the guy they wanted.  Smart thinking on his part, but I am not sure why you would put the shoe back on.  You could just walk off the court with one shoe and no one would care.

I like how Kobe Bryant was such a nice guy about this whole thing.  He could have blown off the player but he took the time to sign the shoe.  People may not like Kobe but he understands how important the team is to basketball all across the world.  Teams look up to and respect Team USA.  They grew up idolizing American basketball players.  Getting to play against them is probably a dream come true for them.

This might have been the wackiest thing in the basketball part of the Olympics so far.  Seeing players get shoes autographed after the game is certainly something you do not see every day.  Good for that guy, though.  He now has something to remember about the Olympics for a long time.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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