Obituary Expresses Surprise that the New York Mets did not Cause Woman’s Death

By Derek Kessinger

A crafty obituary printed in the Daily Courier-Observer, which serves Massena and Postdam, New York, stated that Marylou Belles died after “giving cancer the finger for 27 years.” The piece went on to say that, “She was also a lifelong NY Mets fan, though surprisingly, that wasn’t what killed her.” With it’s humorous language, the piece points out the value of sport allegiance in life.

While I don’t claim to be an expert on the New York Mets, the threat of death from the shock, disappointment and excitement of following a team has sometimes seemed real. I’m also sure that living through the Subway World Series won by the New York Yankees could not have been easy. However, a franchise with two World Series championships is still better than following 11 MLB franchise, which have none of these wins. Also, since their titles came in the last 100 years, being a Mets fan is better than being a Chicago Cubs fan.

When it’s your team this is little consolation, but not being a Cleveland fan has to lead to a happier life. The city has no championships among their three teams. The Cleveland Browns lost sure trips to the Super Bowl two years in a row with John Elway’s “The Drive” and the following year’s, “The Fumble” in the AFC championship games. They have seen great players walk through Cleveland on to better things with the Indians. And the name Lebron James brings more hurt this summer than last.

However, like Marylou Belles of New York, I too would like my obituary to read something along the lines of, “He was a lifelong Colorado Avalanche fan, though surprisingly overtime hockey did not kill him.” Unless of course it does.


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