Redemption for gymnast Jordyn Wieber as she helps Team USA capture Olympic gold

By Marian Hinton

One of my favorite sayings is that it doesn’t matter that you fall; what matters, is how get back up.

When reigning World Champion Gymnast, Jordyn Wieber, failed to qualify for the coveted all-around gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Games on Sunday, the world watched, broken-hearted, as tears streamed down the seventeen-year-old’s face.

Because international rules prohibit more than two gymnasts from one country in the finals, and two Americans were ahead of Wieber, she was left on the outside looking in, despite finishing fourth overall.

The scene exemplified the agony of defeat, and people all over the globe felt Wieber’s pain as her Olympic dreams faded quietly away.

However, two days later, Wieber has also shown us what it means to persevere.

Many wondered how she would respond. Would she be able to return from such an emotional setback?

Now, we have the answer.

On Tuesday morning, Wieber helped the USA Women’s Gymnastics team capture their first team gold since the 1996 Olympics when the famed “Magnificent Seven” led by the injured Kerri Strug and her now-famous vault, won the top prize .

Though the Americans did indeed come to London as the favorite to win the gold, you never know what can happen. In fact, the USA entered the last two Olympic Games as favorites, only to bring home the bronze and the silver.

Unfortunately, Wieber knows too well how things don’t always go as planned.

Yet Wieber, though still so young, was somehow able to put her pain and disappointment behind her, and come out and put on a spectacular performance.

Team USA, comprised of gymnasts Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, and McKayla Maroney along with Wieber, held a 1.299 lead over Russia heading into the final rotation.

In the last round, Franklin, put on a brilliant performance as Wieber looked on, cheering and encouraging her teammate and friend.

When it was Wieber’s turn, she too was once again, outstanding.

By the time Raisman finished her routine, the gold was secure.

Perhaps Jordyn Wieber wasn’t able to bring home the gold as the all-around champion, but she achieved something possibly even greater. Now, she will forever be remembered for her amazing perseverance in the face of disappointment.

When it mattered most, she put the past behind her, stepped up for her teammates, performed nearly flawlessly, and helped USA gymnastics bring the gold back home.

Jordyn Wieber may have fallen, but she got back up.

And now, because of her inner amazing strength, she is an Olympic gold champion.



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