2012 London Olympics: Team GB Win Their First Gold

After days of near misses, condolences for favorites and anguish at early exits Team GB were finally able to celebrate their first gold medal of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Thanks to rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning in the women’s pair, the nation can truly begin to enjoy the games.

They were favorites over the course, with impressive form being shown in the heats, and they were reigning world champions. However, with the pressure of an entire island falling on their weathered shoulders it was vital that the pair showed extreme focus.

A few days ago, as he was asked about the pair’s impressive qualifying and preliminary form, their coach Robin Williams stated that victory was not enough: victory had to come in a manner befitting the occasion.

Perhaps these could be construed as arrogant or even foolhardy words, but as the Brits took to the waters of Eton Dorney today it was seen that Williams’ words were taken on board.

As a cacophony of noise engulfed the entire venue Glover and Stanning tore past their opponents. In the end they crossed the line a full length ahead of the second placed Australians as commentators, fans and family alike screamed themselves hoarse.  This was made all the more remarkable when it was revealed that Glover only began rowing four years ago.

For many this will be the point where the Olympics truly begin, but, more importantly, this is the realization of a dream for two female rowers who have fought extremely hard to solidify their place at the top of the world.

They may inspire the rest of Team GB. This, though, is a moment they will always savor, as Britain’s first ever female rowers to win gold. Perhaps this double sculls victory it will also be their ticket to superstardom in this country.