Daytona Cubs music guy gets ejected from minor league baseball game

By Marian Hinton

Fans of minor league baseball will tell you that they are known for some of the best and most dramatic ejections in all of baseball, but it’s usually players or coaches that get the boot.

Rarely do you see the guy who plays the music thrown out, but that’s exactly what happened in a minor league game in Daytona Beach.

After a questionable call at a Daytona Cubs game, the the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Chicago Cubs, the Music/PA system guy, in good fun, played “Three Blind Mice” over the PA system.

The head umpire, Mario Seneca, who also just so happens to be the vice president of the Association of Minor League Umpires, however, obviously did not see the humor in the song, as he quickly ejected the guy, Derek Dye, from the ball game.

The Daytona Clubs posted the following on their Facebook page, right after the ejection occurred.

We’ve just entered the twilight zone at Jackie Robinson Ballpark. Our music man, Derek Dye, has been EJECTED from tonight’s game. The umpire, Mario Seneca, was apparently not happy when Derek played “Three Blind Mice” after a questionable call. With no music system, a fan has stepped up to call out player introductions from the stands.

Perhaps the umpire doesn’t have much of a sense of humor, at least not today, but Dye got a big kick out of it himself, posting the following on his Twitter feed:

Get ejected from a professional baseball game. Check…If nothing else, I have a new pick-up line… “Hey, my name’s Derek and I’ve been ejected from a pro baseball game.” It’s bulletproof.

There is certainly something to be said about minor league baseball games. They may not always have the big names, but there is rarely a shortage of fun!


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