Nathan Adrian Wins Gold In 100 Meter Freestyle

Nathan Adrian might have won the most dramatic gold medal of the 2012 Summer Olympics so far.  The American swimmer won the 100 meter freestyle event by .01 seconds over James Magnussen.  This race has been called the best race so far.

After a slow start, the Americans have started to pick up the swimming medals.  Nathan Adrian has already won some hardware in relays but picking up an individual gold is something more special.  If it comes in a race that is closely contested to the very end, it is even better.

This race will be watched by a lot of people when it comes on TV later Wednesday night.  The one thing that tape delay has not done is detract people from watching.  A lot of people will not know the result of the race until they actually watch it.

Those people that will just get around to watching it later at night will see an incredible race.  Dramatic swimming races are some of the best in the entire games.  This will certainly excite people that enjoy swimming for.  For a little bit there, I did not think that Nathan Adrian was going to be able to pull off the victory.  Somehow he was able to dig down deep and pull off the victory.

Hopefully this is just the start of dramatic finishes and victories for the US.  Victories are great any way you get them but I think many people enjoy close finishes a lot better.  Nothing like a neck and neck race to get people pumped up.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.