Carmelo Anthony Sets Team USA Scoring Record With 37 Point Against Nigeria

By Riley Schmitt

Carmelo Anthony is now a part of Team USA history.  Melo has the scoring record for points in a game.  He currently sits at 37 and he is still going.  Poor Nigeria has had absolutely no shot at stopping him.

The scoring record is great but it does not exactly show who is the best player to play for the team.  Remember that Stephon Marbury held the record before this.  A good player in his time but you would never confuse him for one of the best players in the league.  Melo is not done and he could easily break the all time Olympics record.

Melo is doing this in an extremely efficient manner.  At this point, he is ten for 12 on threes.  Ten threes in a game is just insane.  The performance that the team has put up against Nigeria is insane.  They are still not as good as the Dream Team but it was quiet the game.

I doubt that Carmelo Anthony gets back in the game against Nigeria.  He has too many point as is and the coaching staff will not want to embarrass Nigeria.  It is great that the team is playing awesome but there is no point in coming out and making another team look bad.

Team USA has struggled shooting up until this game and they showed how dangerous they are when they can actually hit a shot.  If Carmelo Anthony can keep this up, the US is going to bring home the gold medal.  There is no team out there right now that can stop them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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