Illinois Football Players are Now Autographing Babies, Evidently

Across the country, it’s time for college football to get started, and programs are having meet and greet sessions with season ticket holders and other important fans prior to closing the gates to focus on the season.

One such event took place in Champaign, Illinois recently where fans were invited to meet Illinois football players and coaches, get a few autographs, and generally get to know the team.

Typically, getting to know the team doesn’t necessarily mean getting your baby autographed.

Someone should tell Fighting Illini offensive lineman Graham Pocnic that, as he obliged an eager “fan” with a John Hancock:

So now let me guess.

This dad will will never wash the jersey again and FRAME it in a commemorative case for protection for ALL TIME!

Either way, it’ll be a funny memory for the dad to pass on to his kid when he’s old enough to realize he had his infant torso signed by a 300+ pound college football player.

If nothing else, it’ll be some worthwhile blackmail material down the road.

For some reason– just ask my dad about the 22nd birthday picture he mailed to my fraternity house– this stuff always seems to come back around.

Poor kid?

H/T to Kegs N’ Eggs.


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