Michael Phelps Wins 200 Individual Medley; Ryan Lochte Takes Second

The final showdown between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte took place in the 200 Individual Medley at the 2012 Summer Olympics and it did not disappoint.  In a close race, Phelps managed to bring home another gold to add to his impressive collection from his Olympic career.

This was the best that Phelps looked the entire Olympics.  He showed why he is regarded as the best swimmer in the history of the Olympics.  He jumped out to a big lead while Lochte and company tried to keep up.  When Michael Phelps is on his game like this, he is almost impossible to beat.

Lochte came home second but the day belonged to Michael Phelps once again.  People thought that Lochte was going to finally unseat Phelps but he showed that he is still the best.  I think that Lochte actually brought out the best in Phelps.  He needed someone to challenge him and make him do his best.  Phelps looked kind of bad early in the games but he bounced back the later it went.

This was a great race and showed that the Americans are still the class of the world in swimming.  Many countries have tried to keep with these two during the games but it was just not meant to be.  They are too fast and just too good.  When Phelps swims like that, you have absolutely no chance to beat him.

Michael Phelps brings home another gold and made his rival finish second.  Not exactly a bad way to finish race.  If Lochte wants to be better than Phelps, he might want to beat him more than once or twice.  He gave it his all but Phelps showed that he can not be beat in these games.  Fun race to watch, at least.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.