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NBC Jacksonville Anchor Dan Hicken Rants About Bob Costas Olympic Coverage


Dan Hicken is just a man working for a NBC affiliate in Jacksonville.  After his outburst about Bob Costas, he might just be America’s new favorite person.  He went after Costas for doing Bob Costas things, like taking too long to talk about the Olympics and running into the local news.

Costas went over his time limit by 7 minutes and that sent Dan Hicken off.  He went on a rant that lasted over a minute and he just blasted Costas the entire time.  There are a ton of people out there would love to rant about Costas and Hicken was able to do it on TV.  I am certainly jealous.

The runover does affect Hicken and his job but I do not believe a lot of people are going to be on his side during this thing.  The Olympics are probably a little bit more important than Jacksonville news unless the entire city is on fire.  Since that is extremely likely, I think Costas is going to run over his time limit until the end of time itself.

At least Dan Hicken made sort of a name for himself with this outburst.  It was hilarious and it was aimed at a guy that not a lot of people like.   Costas will not change his approach to the Olympics but if enough people follow the lead of Hicken, he might start to end when he is supposed to.  That is all that Hicken asks for.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.