Michael Phelps Reveals Post-Swimming Plans

With his 2012 London Olympics over, Michael Phelps says he’s retiring from swimming. After adding 6 more medals to give him a record total of 22 Olympic medals, people will wonder what’s next for the greatest swimmer of all-time?

Phelps swears up and down that he’s never swimming again, and most believe him. In an interview with Bob Costas, he revealed his post-Olympic plans:

“No, I’m done. There are other things that I can do. Sure, I am very competitive in everything that I do. I’m not a very good golfer, so if I have a goal of dropping X amount of shots, or working on my short game or putting, those things are going to keep me motivated and fire me up and excite me.”

“I think will be able to shift that competitiveness to anything I put my mind to.”

“I’ve always wanted to dive with great whites. Sharks are one of my favorite animals in the world. A buddy of mine went (diving with sharks) in South Africa and he said that it was awesome.”

Sounds pretty rough to me. Golf and swimming with sharks…not a bad way to pass a day.

I suppose Phelps could add counting money to his list of new hobbies. The former swimmer has an estimated net worth of around $30 million dollars, and figures to add to it while riding the success of his London Olympics…

Many wrote off Phelps after his fourth place finish in the 400 IM, and were already handing the proverbial torch to Ryan Lochte…Yeah, that didn’t really pan out.

Phelps outshined Lochte, coming back to win 4 golds and 2 silvers, while avenging his head to head loss in the 400 IM, by dominating the 200 IM. Lochte finished with 2 golds, 2 silvers, and a bronze. Not exactly best swimmer in the world numbers.

It’s hard to believe people were doubting Michael Phelps, but those who did were dead wrong. People questioned if his lack of preparation would come back to haunt him. They wondered if his heart was still in it, well those questions were answered. Phelps is the man in the pool, the greatest of all-time, no doubt about it.

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