Usain Bolt Wins 100 Meter Dash Final At 2012 Summer Olympics In Olympic Record 9.63 Seconds

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Usain Bolt did what he does best on Sunday.  Bolt once again showed that he is the fastest man on the planet as he took home the 100 meter championship at the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The challengers had a chance but Bolt was just too good.

There were some people out there who thought that Usain Bolt was not going to retain his title.  Tyson Gay looked good early on, Justin Gatlin destroyed everyone in his semifinal and Yohan Blake has beaten Bolt before.  These two guys were the favorites to take out Bolt but they could not deliver once the race started.

Admittedly, Bolt looked bad during the Olympic trails.  By bad, I mean that he was not winning.  If Bolt is not winning, then it is hard to call him the fastest man on the planet.  Blake looked good during the trails, which seemed to spell demise for Usain Bolt.  He may have been sandbagging or maybe he needed an extra bit of motivation to race to his potential.  Whatever it was, it ended up working perfectly for him.

The track events are always some of the best ones to watch.  The speed at what the runners are running at is just incredible.  It’s so incredible that the previous sentence describing it might not even make sense.  They look effortless as they run around the track at speeds that most humans can only dream about.  Not exactly a bad thing to watch.

Usain Bolt faced a lot of questions coming into these Olympics but he answered every single one of them.  He is still on the top of his game and he holds onto his crown of the fastest man alive.  Someone will beat him someday but Bolt will always have his gold medals to show how dominant that he really was.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.