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Russell Westbrook Throws Down Vicious Dunk In Team USA Victory Over Argentina


Russell Westbrook is a guy that can ignite a crowd in a hurry.  The game between Team USA and Argentina was getting chippy near the end of the game and Westbrook decided to send a message back.  His vicious poster dunk over an Argentina defender gained him a technical for taunting but it was well worth it.

The fun started when a player for Argentina took a swipe at the groin of Carmelo Anthony.  This sent the US team into a frenzy and they decided to respond with a dunk instead of a hard foul.  I think this play by Russell Westbrook probably sent more of a message than any foul they could have given.  This play not only gives the US two points, but it simply demoralizes the opponent.

Kevin Durant, one of the teammates of Russell Westbrook in the Olympics and in the league, ended the game in third quarter by dropping threes like they were layups on Argentina.  KD was the big reason that the game went from close at half to a blowout by the end of the third.

These two teams do not like each other and I am certain that they will not be exchanging holiday cards.  If these two teams meet in the medal round, it could become very, very ugly.  There will probably be a cheap shot or two and whatever team can maintain composure will be the one that comes out on top.

The game was in hand but Russell Westbrook let everyone know that Team USA is on a mission this year.  The technical foul was well worth the vicious dunk that he unleashed on the poor Argentina defense.  You take a cheap shot at an American player, you will get dunked on.  Much better revenge than a hard foul or a cheap shot.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.