Allyson Felix Takes Home Gold In 200 Meter Final At 2012 Summer Olympics

Allyson Felix decided to show how dominant her running ability really is.  Felix dominated the 200 meter finals at the 2012 Summer Olympics and she brings home the gold medal.  It was not as much as a race as it was a show of dominance by Felix.

Watching Allyson Felix win this race was incredible.  She dominated the last 100 meters or so and she made it look effortless.  Her strides were powerful and she looked like she was going to win the entire time.  The field was loaded in the event and Felix showed no problem winning the race.

The 200 is basically the best indicator of pure speed out of any race.  It is the perfect distance to show who can really sprint the fastest.  It is not too long that people tire out and it is not short enough that a start can influence the ending.  Allyson Felix went out and proved that she is the fastest woman when it comes to a race such as this.

Once she had her strides going, Felix was going to win easily.  She was running powerfully and her opponents could only hope to try to catch her.  She was not challenged until the very end and by then it was too late.  Simply a show of dominance by the American sprinter.

Allyson Felix may have not been the favorite going into the race but she showed how dominant she could be in a loaded field.  Not exactly a bad way to win a gold medal.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.