2012 PGA Championship: Will anyone care?

By John Gorman

The world’s best players are gathered together this weekend, with a chance to create a legacy for themselves, winning an event that could rocket them into the pantheon of current greats, or add treasured hardware to their stockpile.

But I’m not talking about London. I’m talking about Kiawah Island, South Carolina, home of the 2012 PGA Championship.

Golf’s final major championship is going head-to-head against the final weekend of the XXX Summer Olympics.

Who are the ad wizards who came up with that?

We knew the 2012 Summer Olympics would be held in London, from July 27 through August 12, since at least August 1, 2008. We knew this was going down for four years. The PGA had to have known, right? Who was in charge of the scheduling?

Now we’ve got a field with all former PGA Champions, the last five U.S. Open Champions, the last five Masters Champions, the last five British Open champions, the current Senior PGA Champion, the top 70 players on tour and all United States and Europe 2010 Ryder Cup participants gathered together in South Carolina while the world watches … track & field.

How do you blow scheduling that bad? Ain’t nobody gonna be watching the PGA while Usain Bolt’s doing his thing. Have you heard anyone on sports talk radio dissect the 2012 PGA Championship? Favorites? Long shots? Anything?

Imagine if NASCAR schedule the Daytona 500 up against the Super Bowl. How many people you think would even know a race was going down? 12? 19?

Short of Tiger Woods posting 59, is there anything that could happen this weekend in SC that would cause you to turn your attention away from London? Is it too late to give Michael Phelps a sponsor’s exemption?

Could you imagine being a journalist for a major news org? “Sorry, we used up all our Olympic budget sending our team to London, but don’t worry! We’re sending you to cover the 2012 PGA Championship on an island off the coast of South Carolina! HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND?” Man, I’d be grumbling fiercer than Mauna Loa. Because nothing says “You’re our B-Team like ‘Forget London, how does The Ocean Course sound?'”

Have you read a 2012 PGA Championship preview? Not me, hell I’m more interested in the Tumblr photoshopping McKayla Maroney in various famous photographs from history. (Google ‘McKayla is not impressed.’) The Olympic spirit is strong, Jack, and it ain’t about to be extinguished because I have the opportunity to chillax and watch some dudes chipping some balls around some grass … and I like golf.

But this is the Olympics! PGA, you had four years to prepare for this moment! Y’all couldn’t postpone it one week? What’s so damn important that you couldn’t have swapped events? The Wyndham Championship? Are the proud folks of Greensboro, NC going to be outraged at moving up their precious event? Come on, PGA.

You ever play a round, card a personal best, and turn around and realize you’re all alone, and no matter how many people you call to tell them about it, it’s not the same as if you could’ve shared that moment with friends? That’s what’s about to go down in South Carolina. Multiplied by about 120. If a man sets a course record, and the broadcast draws a 0.4 rating, did it actually happen?

We’re about to find out. That is … if anyone’s paying attention.

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