Former Olympian: "Sex is all Part of the Olympic Spirit"

By Sam Saltess

We first heard it from ESPN the Magazine, with quotes from athletes such as Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte explaining that sex happens in the Athlete Village…a lot.

Now more athletes (although anonymous) are stepping out and talking about the sex that goes on for the two weeks during the Olympic games inside the Athlete Village.

I know, hard to imagine a bunch of athletic people in the best shape of their lives living in dorm-like rooms getting…um, close, but it’s apparently all a part of the experience.

One former gold medalist runner, who remained anonymous, told CNN, “Anyone who wants to be naive and say they don’t know what’s going on in the Village are lying to themselves. They know, the officials know, even the media. It’s not a secret, everyone knows.”

The gold medalist went on to tell CNN, “(Sex) is all part of the Olympic spirit. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wouldn’t say that, but it is, you can’t shy away from it. Why do you think they give away so many condoms?”

So far in London, the IOC has reportedly given away up to 150,000 condoms, and according to the anonymous athlete, not all are used between athletes.

They told CNN, “Many of the volunteers (in the Village) would say ‘Oh, what is your room like?’ and I knew they were not really wanting to see the room. It’s just fun, they are excited to be with the athletes. You talk, you go to your room. Let me say this … there were lots of volunteers and they were happy to help you with whatever your needs were.”

The anonymous runner even went on to talk about his “happy ending” after a massage in the Olympic Village.

“In the Village you have an official masseuse and I was having problems with my leg after my race. So I went to the medical center which ultimately led to me having a rub down and I remember the very pretty lady who was going to treat me. She said: ‘Please take off your clothes’ and then she said ‘Oh my God, look at your body, I’ve never seen a body like this!’ So she helped with the rub down and afterwards I knew something was going to happen, and it did.”

Gold medal swimmer Ryan Lochte told ESPN earlier this year that “seventy to 75 percent of Olympians hook up behind the scenes,” and we’re guessing that number is on the rise.

If the sex helps or hurts the athletes, we don’t really know. The one thing we do know is that we’ve never wanted to be an Olympic athlete more so than now.

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