McKayla Maroney Shows Jenna Bush The Proper Way To Dougie

McKayla Maroney has become a prominent name in America after the 2012 Summer Olympics.  She is done competing but she is still making news as she taught Jenna Bush how to Dougie.  Yes, that Jenna Bush.

It looks like McKayla Maroney has practiced that move a time or two.  Bush?  Eh, not so much.  She was trying to learn the move on the back of a moving bus, but almost falling over during it won’t win any points.  The fact that Maroney was able to bust out the move without falling or even coming close to falling should win her a lot of points.

Maroney has already become famous, thanks to her scowl after she only won silver in the vault competition.  That has turned into an internet meme that has angry McKayla appearing at all sorts of exotic locations.  I bet she would appreciate this becoming viral instead of her scowl face.

This is quite the impressive dance from Maroney and it looks like she and the rest of the team are enjoying their stay in London.  Their time there is coming to a close but they seem to be making the most out of it.  Teaching Jenna Bush some new dance moves might not be the best way to spend time but certainly creates an interesting scene.  Watching the daughter of a former president try to do a dance move that she has probably never heard of is just too funny.

If Maroney also teaches Jenna how to scowl like she does, we have a real winner on our hands.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.