LeBron James Throws Down Hammer Dunk Against Argentina

LeBron James is pretty good at this basketball thing.  During another Team USA win as they took out Argentina, LeBron was doing it all.  He was throwing pretty passes and basically directing all the traffic.  However, he decided to make his presence known in the third quarter with this vicious hammer dunk.

There is not doubt that LeBron James is the best passer in basketball.  He sees things on the court before they actually happen.  He has been the perfect point guard for the team and he just happens to play the four.  That is a pretty good thing to have if you are Team USA.

They will take on Spain on Sunday for the gold medal and it looks like nothing will stop this team from winning gold and bringing it back home.  If LBJ isn’t killing teams with his passing, Kevin Durant is going nuts from downtown.  He once again had a brilliant third quarter in which the game was put out of reach.  It is extremely fun to watch this team go to town game after game.

If you do not believe that LBJ is the best player in the game, you simply do not know basketball.  He is playing at a level that has been unheard of in recent years.  He has finally accepted what he is.  He is the world’s best playmaker and a man that is unstoppable in the post.  If you happen to let him free like Argentina did, he will kill you with the hammer dunk.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.