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Miami Dolphins WR Chad Johnson Arrested for Headbutting Wife Over Dispute on Condom Receipt

According to a report by The Sun Sentinel, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson has been arrested for a domestic violence charge. His charge is reported as a misdemeanor, the Davie Police Department said.

The violence occurred when he headbutted his wife, Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives, after a heated dispute that started over the receipt on a box of condoms, according to the police. The incident occurred in a car.

Lozada is currently suffering from “a pretty good sized laceration” on her forehead. She was treated at the scene and then taken to the hospital.

Johnson told police that he and his wife accidentally bumped heads. But he remains in custody and will not be eligible for release until a bail hearing is set, which could be as late as Monday, according to police captain Dale Engle.

Johnson’s agent, the legendary Drew Rosenhaus, had no comment when he was asked about the arrest by’s Ian Rapoport. Neither did the Miami Dolphins.

Johnson had his debut performance for the Dolphins last week, dropping the only pass thrown to him during the game. According to a quote on CBSSports, Johnson joked to a team official in the first episode of Hard Knocks that he was going to get arrested during his day off.

Johnson is one of the most polarizing figures in the National Football League, but interestingly enough, he has never been in trouble for an off-the-field incident.

Until now, when he chose to headbutt the woman that he married less than a month ago.

The Dolphins should act quickly and swiftly and cut the 34-year old immediately.

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